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Real life has set in. We have no place to stay in Kyoto. We haven’t made our reservations. We’ve not picked up our rail pass. We spend the morning taking care of business with our fabulous Japanese hangovers. Afterwards we head off to Shinjuku to enjoy our last night in Tokyo in the Red Light District. WooHoo! Because of certain events, addressed in a separate post, I have to say, I have never ever felt so unsexy in a red light district.

We were finally offered entrance to a “Live Show” in which Gaijin AND Women were allowed. Most, if you could even figure out whether it was a strip club or live show – usually by the pictures (although not always) or the 10,000 Yen 60 minute sign – the only thing that would be in English would be either Men Only or Japanese Only. Not having any idea what the “Live Show for Gaijin and Women consisted of, or if it was a scam, and also still a little freaked out by The Incident, we decided to keep our 8,000 yen and wander on. Once we felt a little better, we had absolutely NO idea how to get back there.

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