Stress Test: PASSED!

Posted at November 8th, 2007 by cosmo

Last month when we went to our IVF Dr and she asked me what my stress level was, and I burst into tears, I vowed to stop working as much. I decided to take one day a week and work on house stuff, ME stuff and … catching up on work stuff. Working for yourself means working for a slave driver. I start work when I need to, and stop when I’m done. Some how over the last year or so, I began starting the working hours when I wake up, and ending them when I go to bed. At first I was taking the weekends off, but lately, I’ve not even been doing that. This past summer my grandmother died and I would travel home to see the family, keep grandpa company and miss a bunch of work and money making opportunities, then come home and try to make up for it all week, before heading back up to see Grandpa. This continued aalllll summer. June through September.

Hence the crying at the Dr’s office.

So, since the crying, have I scaled back? HELL no. I have taken on several new photography projects – many of them even paying! Crap pay, but still! Crap pay for “I’ll take my cloths off, you take pictures, then I give you money. OK?” Is A-Ok! A friend of mine has a stressful job working 60 hours a week. I’m starting to envy her because at least she gets to come home at some point and ignore them. I don’t seem to have that ability. 15 years of working hard to build a business, means it’s very hard to turn new clients down.

I know that I’m never going to get pregnant with this level of stress, so tomorrow, DaddyO and I are taking off for three weeks of sand and sun. I’ve attempted to tie up every loose end so that when I return I can actually feel like I have a real live social life. Not worry about answering email or editing photos every waking day. Start weening off the need to see every client and make as much money as possible. Start cooking at home and eating healthier. Start doing more yoga. Taking more walks. Preparing my body for pregnancy.

I may even finish painting the stairs – a project I started months ago and left half finished. And bake Christmas cookies! And? I plan on sleeping all night for a bit. Lately, I tend to wake up to pee at 4am, having gone to bed at 1am, and start thinking about all the photos I need to edit, emails I need to answer, props I need to clean, people I need to get back to, calls I need to make… then I just don’t go back to sleep. Then, when I finally get to go out and be social, I have one cocktail and have a hard time not falling asleep. My friends must think I’m so very entertaining!

Wait. Do I still have friends? I guess I’ll find out at the end of the month when I return and start living this dream life of the leisurely and well rested. Stop laughing at me! It could happen!

In other news, DaddyO went to drop off his swimmers last week. He had to go 4 days without … youknoowww… before hand. Really. That’s HORRIBLE! How will you be able to make it?!

THIS IS AS BAD AS CHILDBEARING WILL BE FOR YOU. Four days without sex? Man up!

Off to finish packing. Two bathing suits… one long flowing skirt…. a gallon of sun screen, spf 70 …. and 16 pairs of shoes. No Work Anything.

OK, I kid. I’m taking two cameras, 4 lens and my laptop – but ONLY to store photos! But really, I need a camera! It’s Hawaii for christ sake! I could be shooting stock images to sell….

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