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Posted at April 29th, 2008 by cosmo

The wedding was amazing. So many of our friends flew across the country to join us for a long weekend, we all stayed on the beach, spent two days at Disney and basically spent some great time bonding. Some of it bonding against a common enemy, but, bonding none the less.

We had to leave the wedding space early and spent the rest of the night drinking expensive champagne out of plastic cups, dipping our toes in the ocean and talking about how crazy some people are. Damn Crazy.

We left the wedding and the warmth and comfort or the rest of our friends and family to head to India for our honeymoon. Yup. The decadent couple who generally vacation in locals with strip clubs, fine dining, luxury and fancy pants cocktails spent three weeks in a third world country with no cocktail culture OR strip clubs, risking malaria, food poisoning, typhoid, heat stroke and certain financial scams for three weeks.

And? It was awesome! We did 8 cities all together from the north to the far south. We stayed in cheaper hotels, as well as splurged for a couple of fancy places – which were REALLY fancy. We also stayed on a house boat on the backwaters of Karela for a couple days. That was about as relaxing as life could be. We motored up and down the waterways, had a personal chef feed us home cooked southern India meals every couple of hours and once in a while, we would get up and take a picture or put on more DEET or sun screen. No technology. No phone. No TV. No Responsibilities at all. Aside from eating and sleeping.


We came home and had a big party with all our friends who couldn’t make it to the wedding and spend the weekend getting over the jet lag, unpacking and enjoying the local MEATY food and a couple of cocktails – which after all the vegetarian meals in India, along with the lack of booze in India, gave us travelers diarrhea.

Which I found Hilarious.

Then, first thing Monday morning before the jetlag could subside, I had yet another oral surgery which was suposed to be a short, quick easy one and … well… it was not. Soooo… The back of my jaw feels like I have a melon jammed in it. Fortunately, it only looks like a walnut. A large walnut, but still. My lips are chap, there is bruising all down my neck and I haven’t showered for two days cause the percocet make me sleepy and dizzy.

Ummm…. hello new husband. Do you like my new look? I know you think it’s sooo sexy that you need to take me, love me now, but I have to go poo my brains out.

At least I have finally stopped drooling blood.

This also means I have to take another week or two off work. Or three – which I was not planning on doing. We are supposed to start our first IVF cycle when I start my period on May 10th or so and I was hoping to make as much $$ as possible before then. Not that I need to go back to working 90 hours a week again, but I thought there would be a happy medium.

Apparently not.

At least, this was I can truly unpack and organize the photo studio and the images from India and all the house stuffs that fell apart when we were planning like made for the wedding. I have a feeling it’s going to take a lot more then two weeks though!

Now off to enjoy another percocet (I remember them being a LOT more effective last time) and lounge on the couch trying to open my mouth wide enough to get apple sauce in it.

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