Transfer Student – I was skoooled

Posted at June 16th, 2008 by cosmo

I transferred yesterday. The weekend seemed like one big waiting game where no matter what I was doing, the transfer was first and foremost on my mind. It was like a noise that just drown everything else out.

We saw a baseball game: runners on second and third, two outs, bottom of the 9th, this could be the winning pitch TRANSFER TOMORROW TRANSFER TRANSFER TRANSFER…. and that ends the game.


We visited with friends: “Yeah, and I’m really unsure how to proceed here, I mean, she’s a friend, but when she TRANSFERRING, YOU COULD BE PREGNANT TOMORROW TRANSFERRING TRANSFERRING so what would you do in this situation? I could really use some advice.”

We watched a movie: Music swells, opening credits…. zzzzzz wha? TRANSFERRING TOMORROW! zzzzzz…. closing credits.

I’m surprised any of my friends still talk to me. Will I soon refer to them as my old friends?

Oh. And we started the progesterone shots. Holy mother of god. I was very used to my 27 gage 1/2 inch tummy needles. OK. I was very much MORE used to it then I thought I would be. I was not at all prepared for the 25 gage 1/2 inch needles.

What? Are you kidding? It’s not 1/2 inch? It’s 1 AND a half inch??! But, I don’t have that much meat on my ass. *insert 20 minutes of hysterical, three stoodges style “no, you do it” and “is it too late to just try untying the tubes?” while dancing around the room with the lovely bright blue targets the nurse drew on my muffin tops exposed to my darling husband* before finally we were able to carry it off.

I now have my first body mod in about 7 years. I have a golf ball in my right hind muffin top.

So, transfer. Love all the Drs and nurses at my clinic. They have been very good about calming and reassuring me. I’ve been pregnant before they say. They know it’s just the blocked tubes they say. Probably could only transfer one good embryo, maybe two they say. Then we go in for the transfer and the embryologist comes out to show us our graded embryos. In the long column where we want to see 8’s for 8 cells a growing we see mostly 4s. In the long column where we want to see 1’s for perfect condition, no fragmentation, we see all 2s and 3s. In the end, they transfered three embryos, an 8/2, a 7/2 and a 5/1. The rest were disposed of. Nothing even good enough to try freezing.

This took the wind completely outta the sails of Good Ship Hopeful.

With the 7 not growing at all, we’re worried that the three they transferred will also fail to thrive. It is going to be a long two weeks. I know it only takes one… *it only takes one, it only takes one, rinse and repeat for two weeks* but the whole cycle has gone so well that I just was not expecting such poor quality embryos. We had fully expected to get a couple to implant now, and a couple to implant later if this round didn’t work. Now, if this round doesn’t work, it’s back to square lupron.

In other news, I think I’m more food motivated then my dog right now, and I’m not usually a stress eater.

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