Happy Hour: Blue Room Goes Dark

Posted at October 24th, 2008 by cosmo

The Nigerians have finally come to overthrow us. We have held off as long as we could, and some say, longer then necessary. So we invite you to come celebrate one last Happy Hour in the Blue Room! There may be others, but this will definitely be the last one with furniture.

We plan on toasting, roasting and reminiscence, so please bring pictures and stories to share.

… waking up on New Years Day (fill in the year) to play Guess Who Spent The Night With Who and roshambo’ing to see who would fetch the Popeyes.

… the time one visitor passed out in the down stairs bathroom and one resident kept shoving otter pops under the door to make him feel better. FYI? Didn’t work.

… gathering together as family to drag in the poor over-served guest who feel asleep in the gutter out front while waiting for a cab which never came.

… all the times we have all been locked in one bathroom or another.

… a certain brother of a resident stealing away roommates to marry them.

… God Shave My Head and a million other inside jokes that even we weren’t privy to come morning.

… longtime friends gathering, new lovers meeting, babies being conceived. Just sayin. I know you people.

… the belly rubs. (Ringo wanted us to throw that in there.)

… and of course, the many, many, many alcoholic concoctions created by our resident bartender that have helped over-serve us all over the last many years.

Please don’t bring anything you don’t plan on imbibing before you leave. Except guests. Then it’s up to you as to whether you imbibe them before or after you leave. Bonus points will be given to past roommates who show up to take their shit home with them. Additional bonus points will be given to people who take stuff home with them that was never theirs in the first place. And of course, door prizes. We have FUN door prizes in store for you all! Yes. It’s true. Someone will be the lucky winner of that big yellow painting!

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