The Blue Room’s Adventurers Club

Posted at December 31st, 2008 by cosmo

We continue to ward the Nigerian invasion off, aided only by their incredible inability to remember our address or what they were going to do with it if they could remember it.

Sooo… if you aren’t doing anything on Wed, Dec 31st. About 8ish. Until… about… Popeye’s Fried Chickenish. And you are ok with the fact that you may, at any moment, need to grab your cocktail and flee screaming from a foreign invasion. And you are ok with the fact that the Bar may be the only room furnished with anything aside from boxes. (I know, I know, we are asking a lot here) You are cordially invited to the Last Blue Room New Years Eve Ever.

We’re pretty sure.

And since the theme this year is The Adventures Club, fear of an imminent invasion should only add to the ambiance.

Learn more about The Adventures Club (including costume ideas) on Wikipedia.

This will be a smaller, more low key affair. I know it’s short notice, so we understand if you need to just throw on what ever it is you wore during your last African safari while dining with the natives. Or the sarong you wore touring French Polynesia with the King and Queen of Raiatea. Or even that sari you picked up while shopping in Jaipur. Or that kimono from Hakone? Perfect!

Adventurers Creed

We climb the highest mountains, Just to get a better view.

We plumb the deepest oceans, Cause we’re daring through and through.

We cross the scorching desert, Martinis in our hand.

We ski the polar ice caps, In tuxedos looking grand.

We are reckless, brave and loyal, And valiant to the end.

If you enter here a stranger, you will exit as a friend.

May your adventures live on, Kungaloosh!

I will update this Evite when A.) we have more details on the eviction B.) when we have more details on the party C.) when Scott points out all the words I’ve miss spelled.

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