Tick Tok Tick Tok

Posted at March 2nd, 2009 by cosmo

As we all know, the waiting is the hardest part. (Followed in second place by the first time I had to get the 1.5 inch needle filled with progesterone in oil, jammed in my hip) but it’s one thing to know that theoretically….

It’s another to be sitting on the couch, so large your can’t move, so oddly shaped you can no longer get comfortable, forced to do nothing but wait. And wonder. Another hour? Day? Week? Was that a real contraction? Is the baby still moving enough? What can I eat now? Will my brain really rot is watch another movie? What if it’s the Sex in the City movie?

Last week when I went for my check up, I was dilated to 2, baby was at -2 station, but my cervics was still long. My midwife suggested I might not make it till my next appointment. My next appointment is tomorrow. *sigh* Maybe I will hit 3/6/09.

There is something special about the wait though. A strange kind of bonding between DaddyO and I. Social obligations have come to a stand still and it’s just us. Waiting. Together. I know we should be doing something special to celebrate our last days on our own, but instead we are just nesting, watching tv, and eating together in near silence.

Stunned silence.

Holy Shit. What have we done.

The waiting has also served to transform that nervousness into an excitement though. All the nervousness about childbirth, and the pain, and the new responsibility and the lifestyle changes are slipping away to be replaced with excitement for this new part of our lives to begin.

Ok. Maybe no ALL of it, but a good part of it

But still why do friends keep dismissing any fears I have with a wave of the hand and a “Oh, you’ve done this before, you’ll be fine.” WTF? Really? So, you think this one is just going to plop right out and run off to raise himself.? Great! I’ll see you at Happy Hour next Friday! Thanks for your support!

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