Mommy Takes Manhattan

Posted at August 6th, 2009 by cosmo

Milk Drunk

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In which Baby goes to bed early and Mommy hits the bottle.

Daddy is out so it’s just Dash and I tonight. We read a book. Four times. And we changed a diaper or three. And we put on his jammies and took his teething tablets (when will those teeth just Show Their Little Evil Faces?) and wrapped him up in his kiddopotamus wrap and curled up in the rocking chair and sang some songs and breastfeed and he fell sound asleep.

At 7:30pm.

I make myself a sandwich and wipe up the spit up from the coffee table (seriously? On the coffee table?) and then change my shirt (which has the rest of the mystery spit down the back of it) and turn on the TV and open the laptop and realize… I have no idea what to do with myself. I have two web sites I could work on, and a photo set I could edit, but I think that would require a level of creativity that I just do not feel right now. I could give the living room a much needed clean up, but don’t want to wake the baby (that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!) or I could answer email… bah! They have waited this long for my response, really, I’m sure they have forgotten I was supposed to respond. Why bother.

With all this free time, what do I really feel like doing? Going to bed. At…. 8:15.

But DAMN if I will squander this precious free time on sleep! So what to do? Make myself a Faux Manhattan and wander the internets till DaddyO comes home and drags me off to bed. No, not for that, for actual sleep.

Faux Manhattan Recipe Perfect for Breastfeeding Mamas with a night off!
* 2 oz Apple Juice
* 1 oz sweet vermouth (And this is a time to splurge – get some Vya or other quality sweet vermouth. It really makes a difference)
* 1/2 oz grenadine (The REAL stuff, no corn syrup. I prefer Stirrings Grenadine)
* several dashes of whiskey bitters
* One perfectly formed brandied cherry (or if you prefer to play it safer – a simple canned cherry will do)

When I have a a full night off (or just freakin need it) you can also add a tablespoon or so of actual Makers Mark for a little added oomf!


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