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Posted at November 27th, 2009 by cosmo

One of the (many) things that terrified DaddyO and I about moving to the ‘burbs was the lack of ethnic food, and food delivery, and fancy pants food, and basically, the whole not city food idea. For the most part since we’ve moved, I’ve cooked, but the last two nights for various reasons we’ve gone out. Last night to a local sports bar advertising “upscale bar food.”. Pretty standard, although really fresh local food stuffs. Yay for tomatos that taste like tomatos! Tonight we were in the mood for Indian. I opened Yelp and prepared to be disapointed.

We found a place not far away with a solid 4 stars. Four suburban stars, we were sure, but four none the less. We pull up and it’s shiney clean and very brightly lite. Hmm… it did say 4 stars. We see indian people not only behind the counter but also eating. We see Bollywood on the flat screen TV. Our hopes go up. We see chicken pesto nann. Our hopes go back down. We order, grab a couple mango lassi’s and head to a brightly lit table in front of the girating bollywood girls.

Dash nomnomnom’s the Mango lassi and had already given the place five stars before our food arrived. Finally, the waiter puts one plate in front of DaddyO and one in front of me. Both plates have chunks covered in sauce. I taste my chicken tika and it is spicy and full of flavor.

ok. actually my mouth melted a little bit.

Dashiell tastes his fists full of naan and falls thankfully, momentarily, silent as he devors them.

DaddyO tastes his lamb and wrinkles his nose. “This lamb is weird. It’s got a nasty texture and no taste. I miss the city.”

“Um. That’s my dal. Those are mushrooms.”


His lamb shows up while he’s still scrubbing his tongue and we pass the dal on to Dash who has a much greater appreciation for it. DaddyO is MUCH happier with the newer, more lamby lamb.

And, surprisingly enough, out here in the burbs, we have found the most authentic Indian food in the bay area.

yay! We may actually survive this transition!

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2 Responses to “Indian Food Buzz”

  1. Comment by Jinal

    What’s the name of this place?

  2. Comment by cosmo

    Cafe Tandoor is the place I was talking about here –, but lately we have been all over take out at Madres –