The First Month

Posted at November 23rd, 2009 by cosmo

Sitting down to coconut french bread and Blue Bottle coffee this morning, looking out into the atrium, watching Dash devour his chunk of french bread, I came to a stunning realization.  We have lived in the ‘Burbs for over a month now!

In that month, Ringo had emergency hernia surgery,  DaddyO had a horrible sinus, ear, throat infection, Dash got his first cold, and gave it to me AND DaddyO (So DaddyO could be sick twice in one month to make up for the last 12 years where he has only been sick twice. Period.), the fence blew down, Dash found out that not all food is bland mushed crap in jars and has demanded The Real Stuff, and about 15 minutes later, Ringo made the same discovery.  Oh. And I started back to work.  In between, I have done some unpacking.

(Yes. I failed as a make yer own babyfood mother.  I was doing fine until the middle of the move when I gave in and bought a jar of organic sweet potatoes and chicken. It was all down hill from there.)

We still have to finish the media room and until then, the stuff that is suposed to go in the media room is in the office.  And the stuff that is suposed to be in the office is in the dinning room.

And three 8×10 storage units full waiting for us to open a hole in the space time continuem so we can find a place to put it here.  Going from a massive victorian with a full basement and closets everywhere to a small mid century home with no closets, when both of you are pack rats, it’s not a fun game.  I feel like we keep getting rid of stuff and keep getting rid of stuff, and still, there is more stuff.

Also? Pack rats should never be allowed to live in one place for 20 years. That just gives one too much time to collect Very Important Stuff that Can Not Be Gotten Rid Of.  We must be forced to move and evaluate every couple of years.

So, discoveries we have made in the ‘Burbs.

* There is parking EVERYWHERE!  Oh My Sweet bujesus! You drive up to the store.  You park.  You walk in. You buy stuff. You take it back out to your car. You get in the car AND JUST DRIVE HOME. And then?! You park in front of your own house in your own driveway and you…. UNLOAD THE CAR!

Time elapsed: About an hour

For those of you who have not lived in San Francisco, let me breifly describe the whole “Going to the Store” process. First. Find car. Be it your own, a friends or a rental, going to the grocery on public transportation Just Sucks Butt.  Drive to the store. Sounds easy, but seriously, this involved evaluating the best way to get to said store, making sure you don’t have to make any left hand turns, remembering rush hour traffic patterns, critical mass and the like. Then, get in line to get in the parking lot.  Yup.  Seriously. I’ve seen people reading the paper while waiting to get into the parking lot, moving forward one car length every couple of minutes. For a block and a half.

I don’t go to those stores. I would seriously hurt someone.

Or myself.

The ones I do go to still have parking lots that inspire homicidal rages. Parking spots that have been condenced to fit more cars, people who park there because they can park for free, and mass amounts of people in the city all needing food all fighting for parking, and often, fighting dirty.

So finally, you are parked and you head into the store. It’s crowded and people nearly run you over with their carts and don’t even make eye contact to acknowledge you before they move on.  You get what you need and pay and head out to get in line to get out of the parking lot.

Yup.  That’s right. The line to get out of the parking lot is very simular to the line to get into the parking lot.  Just shorter. Like your patience at this point.

So finally you drive your precious cargo home and hope there is a parking spot in front of your place. In our neightborhood that wasn’t generally too much of an issue. Then you unload as fast as you can because you don’t want some stranger to walk past an grab a bag of groceries out of your open trunk.


Neighbors are friendly.  There is this woman who lives several blocks down the street.  She waves and smiles every time I drive by. In the city, we lived next to the same women for ten years.  About once a year we would run into each other in front of the houses and she would introduce herself.

“Um. Yes. We have lived next to you for the last ten years.”

“Oh? Really?”

That we are really, really nieve when it comes to home ownership. When the fence blew down we called one of the contractors and he came out and started rebuilding it.  Afterwards several people asked us if our homeowners insurance was covering it.

“Oh. Ummm….”

“Are you splitting the cost with your neighbors?”

“Errr… um….”

Did your home warrenty cover it?


The previous owner just had it built a couple years ago, it should still be under warrenty.

“Fences have warrenties??! Wha?”


Aaaaand that concludes todays episode of Your Spare Time and How to Waste it.  Dashiell is awake and ready for lunch.

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  1. Comment by mumbly

    I don’t quite have Castro Valley parking/shopping, but I’ve gotten a bit of an upgrade going to the East Bay. No car, though.

    Glad to hear you are settling in. Now we just need to visit.