Again? Yes? No? Maybe…

Posted at January 13th, 2010 by cosmo

Last night found us at the local ivf clinic, which shares the Chili’s parking lot. So, if we decide not to do the baby thing, we can at least get some baby back ribs.

This was the 3rd open house we’ve been to, in addition to completing a cycle and of course obsessively cumpulsively reading everything on the internets about it, so I feel I could give the lecture at this point.

We’re still dancing around the idea. So many reasons to have a second, and just as many to keep it simple and just have one.

Or, at least one at home.

Both DaddyO and I are extremely close to our siblings and couldn’t imagine life without them. Having siblings teaches sharing and social skills. It would also mean that when he was in his 20’s he would have someone to share stories about his terrible childhood.

But only having one is so easy. It’s simple to travel. Only one kid to put through Stanford. He has our full attention. No sibling rivarly. If a kid did it, we’re pretty sure we know which kid.

You would think I would remember some of this from the first go around. But no. I remember nothing but a big blur.

Oh. Wait….

Noowww I get it.

Nope. Still doesn’t help.

Once again, I’m jealous of the simple breeders who can just fuck like bunnies and let the cards fall where they may. More fun. Less deep though. Can blame hormones and too much wine when it all goes terribly wrong.

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2 Responses to “Again? Yes? No? Maybe…”

  1. Comment by 9flights

    Really? Already? Well, I can understand, I can. I’m sure that however it turns out you will be happy!

  2. Comment by cosmo

    We would like to wait, but just turning 41 this week means that it’s a battle between Father Time and Mother Nature already. :-\ Waiting to see what my FSH is – which will make the decision for us I think.