Can I Haz Health Reform?

Posted at February 13th, 2010 by cosmo

I write to you while on hold trying to get an appointment with the endocrinologist. I’ve been on hold for 15 minutes and my current position is… 8. It has been since I’ve been on hold. I was on hold yesterday for 10 minutes at position 3 and figured I would call back today cause it couldn’t get any worse.

Could it? COULD IT??!

(OMFG I’m now in position 6!!)

I found out last week that I have hypothyroid. Yesterday I went to my Primary (where I got to sit in the tiny lobby of his newer tiny closer to bankruptcy office and listen as some 20-something went off at him IN THE WAITING ROOM because after being seen last week, and getting sent out for tests, and then coming in again for diagnosis and treatment – stoopid Dr wanted to be PAID AGAIN! FOR HIS TIME! A whole nother $25!) I also got to listen in as the Dr and billing person went over each persons insurance and talked about how to bill each insurance and what to call each test and WHY and whatever, so that each test or procedure would have the highest chance of actually being paid.

But we here in the great USA do have the most fabulous medical care available. Right?

When I saw my primary, Harvard educated Dr Stoopid, he gave me a sheet with half a dozen blood tests I need to take asking to have the results sent to himself as well as the Dr he is refering me to. I asked if that wasn’t overkill as I’m only a little bit in the red, and he assured me that it wasn’t. When your thyroid goes out, untreated it can kill you in 6 months to a year.

Er. Ok.

So here I am in hold. Waiting. 3rd in line!

[Small detour to change poopie, sand and popcorn diaper that was so bad it required a bath and probably should have it’s own post.  Who knew a pumice stone would be so… so… chewable!]

Yay! Just got off the phone! She can see me in 5 months. Five. That’s almost six. Six is how many it takes you to die. And no, there’s no stand by list. There is another Dr who can see me in 6 weeks but I would need to go back to my dr and get a new order for blood work and a new referral slip.

Srsly. This is the best health care in the world? Thank GOD we don’t have socialized care! Then I would have to wait 6 months to be se … Oh. Wait.


Seriously. This is not working out. The only people who think it is are the ones who are making money off it. Making money when other people suffer from not getting the care they need.

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