Home again, Home again…

Posted at February 10th, 2010 by cosmo

Home from Disneyland with the Disneyland hangover.  Had a complete blast with the sister (who is no longer mad at me), my mom, Hot Hubby and two of our closest friends, Linda and Andrew.  It was a fun filled 5 days of birthday celebrations: mine, my sisters, my mom’s 60th, and my husbands.  And because she loves the free stuff, Linda is also now an honorary Aquarian.

Smack dab in the middle of the celebration, in order that he not feel left out, Dash cut TWO teeth and learned to play the Kazoo. Cutest teething Kazoo player Eva!

In addition to the Dland and teething fun,  DaddyO, Andrew, Linda and I went out in LA on Friday night.  First stop, The Edison for a lite dinner and some absinthe, absinthe fairies, and cocktails.  Then to PeeWee’s Playhouse (which was way FUN! (Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!)) and then finally, a stop off at Cole’s, the birthplace of The French Dip for a much (not) needed late night snack and a final (also not needed) cocktail.

During dinner at the Edison, at one point as we were all chatting over rock shrimp corn dogs and the world’s yummiest pretzel, ok, actually, it was the cheese dip that was mind blowing, the pretzel was just an edible spoon (and yes I just called corn dogs and pretzels dinner), someone cranked up the music.  I turned to DaddyO and said “Oh Hell no.  You can’t have music this loud in a club unless there’s gonna be…. oh. Naked chicks.”

Over DaddyO’s shoulder an abstinthe fairy appeared dancing on the bar with a butt that made me wanna come home and go to the gym.  DaddyO said it made him want to go smewhere, but it definitly wasn’t the gym.

Instead, I came home and did 30 minutes of wii fit instead.  Only after it chastised me for gaining 2 pounds while I was away.

I was surprised that on my turkey leg a day diet (also known as the 7 square disney meals a day diet), I hadn’t gained more.

Throwing a lite hangover and a half nights sleep (on top of the up all night nursing baby the rest of the nights) into a 5 day jaunt at Disney might not have been the best idea.  Thankfully they closed the park early Saturday night (because it MIGHT rain) so I could go to bed early and not feel like I was missing anything.

But, man, going out, even for just a short bit made me feel so grown up!  It made me reminise about when DaddyO and I would go out All The Time. It made me steal a menu to add to the collection.

Otherwise I woulda left the bar feeling like someone’s mom in the ONLY outfit I have that doesn’t involve jeans and a muffin top!

Ok. It did involve a slight muffin top.

And? It didn’t match.

And? It was an AWESOME menu!

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