In search of dirt

Posted at February 26th, 2010 by cosmo

I spend all day every day surrounded by dirt. Haunted by dirt. Need to clean the dirty kitchen. Wash the dirty cloths. Bath the dirty baby.

But now? When I need, just shy of 8 cubic yards of dirt? It’s no where to be found. This resulted in me taking a drive to the local dump today to check out their compost and recycled top soil, and in turn get checked out as the only girl at the dump.

We have Amazingly Attentive Help at the dump.  When you have boobs.

In other news, Dash is not NEARLY as much help preparing the Vermicompost box as I thought he would be.  I figured since shredding paper seems to be his second favorite hobby (second only to riding the Roomba wild west style) that this should be a great family project.  Instead all I got from him was “Boobs on the floor!  Boobs on the floor!!  Must nurse.  Nomnomnomnooooo … oohh 45’s!”

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