The Big (Sleepy) Crazy

Posted at March 25th, 2010 by cosmo

Today it begins.  The big crazy.  We got our calender of events and I brought it home and triumphantly handed it over to DaddyO who took it with a sigh and a “Uhg.  Can you just tell me when we’re pregnant?”

What? Not looking forward to the scheduled shots and the misplaced anger and the sleeping through all our favorite tv shows and the inconsolable crying and the “not now I have a headache” and the waiting and the wondering and the waiting some more the the crazy and the waiting some more just to possibly start over again?

Damn! And I SO was! I was also looking forward to the progesterone needle buried DEEP IN MY ASS!

(Oh Great. Finally, I will get some traffic from google.)

But I digress.  Into the crazy. Early.  Today, I start the pill.  Stims start April 9th. Projected retrieval is April 21st with 5 day transfer on the 26th.  First pregnancy test, according to our calendar, and we ALL know IVF goes EXACTLY by  the calender, is for 5.5.10.

Wish us luck

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  1. Comment by Banksybaby

    Best of luck! I will be keeping tabs and sending you all good vibes for a big, fat positive!! Those progesterone shots suck. I used the Endometrin inserts during our last FET and they were a DREAM compared to the PIO shots.