Bed Rest. Day Two.

Posted at April 27th, 2010 by cosmo

Ringo excels at bedrest.

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Dash is enjoying a long visit with with Gma and Gpa, so I’m still in my jamies. Lounging on the couch with the dog and the fluffy cheatah print blanket and the laptop. Having some tea (THANK YOU Leland Tea Company!!. Watching episode after episode after episode of Lost. (It makes soo much more sence now!)

Kidding. Sorta. But Locke did explain it all in the second episode. And it is amazing that there were soo many hints. Pretty ingenius! LOVE this show! Clare and her huge belly and her tiny little stick arms and he thin face and her tiny lil butt though… SO not ok.

But I digress. Transfer was yesterday morning. We had two perfectly beautiful blastocysts transferred. They offered three, although one was a very early stage blastocyst, or a morula. We desided with my history, and with the embryos doing so well, that perhaps the two would be enough for us. Twins, we could possibly, maybe, if need be, deal with. Triplets? Oh Hell No.

And realistically, twins would probably make me loose my mind.

But just putting one in seemed like too little. (Er, too late too Miss just turned 41.) It basically boils down to, would we rather start over and try again, or risk twins. When put like that, twins win.

I may change my mind should it be twins.

Of course right now, I have two main worries, no baby. And two babies.

OK. Three worries. I’m also worried that I’m going to run out of chocolate before I am done with bedrest. Not that DaddyO won’t go get me more, it’s just that, I started with two LARGE fabulous dark chocolate bars, and NO ONE needs to eat that much in two days.

Oh, if only I had some self control. And knew how to spell.

So, to recap. Pretty sure there is either no babies. Or two babies. One baby just seems so easy and simple and my life is NEVER easy OR simple.

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