Brown Chicken, Brown Cow

Posted at April 10th, 2010 by cosmo

So this evening, while Dashiell played with his new blue Ikea wagon, DaddyO put the 1960’s Playboy jazz LP I just found on the junk hunt with Pa on the hi-fi, and I busted out the needles and the drugs, and we started to make a baby.


We hope.

Funny after all the classes we took last time, and the refresher course my nurse just gave me last week, and all the times I used those skills in the, er, office, that when it came down to doing it again….


That probably also has to do with the stress of the trying to mix the proper doses in the proper needle while having a small blue wagon run repeatedly into my leg.

Hopeful Headline Reads: Playboy Records (and a little blue wagon from Ikea) Got Me Pregnant.

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