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I sat down to blog about my garden about, oh, 3 hours ago when Dash went to bed and instead, I’ve sat and read blogs and talked to DaddyO and read more blogs and put Dash back down to bed and had a glass of wine and read more blogs…


So here it is! Garden! I have carrots (in FIVE!! colors!), italian summer squash, lemon cucumbers, hot peppers, sweet peppers and more peppers, tomatoes (many!), edemame, strawberries, rhubarb, butter lettuce, broccoli (two kinds!), snap peas, brussel sprouts (Three kinds!), romaine lettuce, rocket, BOTH kinds of mint, Mojito AND Mint Julip (we should be covered in case of any kind of mint related alcohol emergency. Or would it be an alcohol related mint emergency?), and some elephant garlic.

I’m still planning on planting, room willing, and since most of the brussel sprouts don’t seem to be coming up, I may have more room then I thought, watermelon, pumpkin, slicing cucumbers, Easter egg radishs, italian basil and thia basil and some musk melon. And. You know. What ever I find between now and then that looks good. Or interesting.

I’m really looking for things that you don’t find in the local grocery. Hence the 5 colors of carrots.

I’ve also planted boysenberries and have blue berries and raspberries in the mail.

Rumor has it anyway.

I do NOT have the patience to place a plant/seed order and then wait…. patiently…. for weeks… until my order is shipped. I NEED TO PLANT THINGS NOW! The weather is warming and I’m misssing it!


Gardening is going to be a great distraction for the next month or so during IVF. One obsession for another.

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