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Again? Yes? No? Maybe…

Posted at January 13th, 2010 by cosmo

Last night found us at the local ivf clinic, which shares the Chili’s parking lot. So, if we decide not to do the baby thing, we can at least get some baby back ribs. This was the 3rd open house we’ve been to, in addition to completing a cycle and of course obsessively cumpulsively reading […]

Tick Tok Tick Tok

Posted at March 2nd, 2009 by cosmo

As we all know, the waiting is the hardest part. (Followed in second place by the first time I had to get the 1.5 inch needle filled with progesterone in oil, jammed in my hip) but it’s one thing to know that theoretically…. It’s another to be sitting on the couch, so large your can’t […]

My first day off. Take Two.

Posted at February 12th, 2009 by cosmo

Officially. Off. No pending work from either business. No longer answering the phone. No longer answering email. Last week I switched from the lovonox to the heparin, the first step towards getting ready for birth. Today – 37 weeks, is the beginning of the window for delivery. Starting about two days ago, my dog suddenly […]

The Dreams…

Posted at January 27th, 2009 by cosmo

I’ve had several strange dreams lately. I had been wondering when they would arrive. I had expected them much earlier, and frankly, much freakier. Last night I dreamed that we were in the hospital and the baby was here and that nothing had gone according to my birth plan. Oh, the audacity! Funny thing is, […]

Maternity Pants. Suck. Alot.

Posted at January 5th, 2009 by cosmo

We’ve got so many choices now! Over the belly. ‘Cept, they are never high enough to actually be OVER the belly. They’re like trying to keep a rubber band around an egg. It’s just not happening. Low and tight over the hips. Also low and tight over the bladder. It’s just not happening. Roll panel. […]

The invasion. It continues.

Posted at December 30th, 2008 by cosmo

Or, shall I say, the Hilarious Hijinxs that constitute my life. As a recap, this year has constituted planning a wedding, nearly a month abroad on honeymoon, simple oral surgery gone a a rye, IVF, successfully PREGNANT!!..?!, evicted, no, not evicted, no, yes, evicted, nevermind, you can stay, no please get out next week, buying […]