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The ass scrubbing of a lifetime.

Posted at January 24th, 2010 by cosmo

Last week for my birthday, I used the gift certificate I got from DaddyO for Xmas to spend the day at the fancy pants Clarmont Spa in the Berkeley Hills.  Fancy Pants means that they have 18 shower heads in the shower, a fabulous view from the jacuzzi tub and they use a LOT of […]

Again? Yes? No? Maybe…

Posted at January 13th, 2010 by cosmo

Last night found us at the local ivf clinic, which shares the Chili’s parking lot. So, if we decide not to do the baby thing, we can at least get some baby back ribs. This was the 3rd open house we’ve been to, in addition to completing a cycle and of course obsessively cumpulsively reading […]


Posted at September 5th, 2009 by cosmo

Darcy O’Neil over at Art of Drink, has come up with a drinker’s response to the Omnivore’s 100. Instructions: 1) Copy this list into your blog, with instructions. 2) Bold all the drinks you’ve imbibed. 3) Cross out any items that you won’t touch 4) Post a comment here and  link to your results. OR […]

One Day. One Recipe.

Posted at August 13th, 2009 by cosmo

I’ve done it! Aren’t you proud of me! So, the tomato paste definitely didn’t kill it. It was indeed quite tasty. I think I liked it better then DaddyO who said it was “better then pot roast” which is pretty much his least favorite meal ever (which of course I continue to make because I […]

Ladies and Gentlemen- we have…

Posted at August 13th, 2009 by cosmo

Something cooking in the slow cooker! Seems there was a bacon issue. There is always a bacon issue. First, I forgot to buy bacon, then after digging around in the freezer and finding some, I forgot that I was halving the recipe and didn’t halve the bacon. Too much bacon. This can never be that […]

Home From the Grocery Store Successfully!

Posted at August 13th, 2009 by cosmo

Meaning, I did not lock myself out. Yes. That has been a worry since right after Dash was born. And I managed to lock myself out. At least he was outside WITH me unlike the nightmares the event has inspired since. Also successful because I spent a full $50 on ingredients. Lets hope it doesn’t […]